Do You Need an Omni-Channel Intervention?

Are you giving your customers a cohesive brand experience between your stores and e-commerce, or are you still in denial?

Q: My e-commerce platform and retail store systems are not in line with each other. Any advice on how to achieve omni-channel retailing for an independent specialty store?

A: The word omni-channel is getting much attention these days, and although it may just sound like the latest buzzword, it is absolutely critical that retailers understand this concept. Omni-channel means providing the same customer experience across all channels, with shared inventories and complete customer data transparency across your entire retail business.

Many retailers think they are omni-channel simply because they have multiple channels, like stores and e-commerce. This is a misconception. Omni-channel is different from multi-channel because you can have several sales channels without any of them relating to each other.

A quick acid test for omni-channel retailing: Do you have total visibility of customer history across stores and e-commerce? For example, if a customer walks into your store, can the staff easily view all the purchases he made on the web and use that information to make recommendations? Can loyalty points or a gift card balance be used in the store as well as online? Does the customer have options for order fulfillment, such as in-store pick up for a web order?

This may sound like a tall order, and if you are using outdated legacy technology, it is. In many cases, retailers will need a ground-up overhaul to get their operations to speak the omni-channel language.

The great news for retailers is that by operating physical stores, you have a strategic advantage over pure e-commerce sites. Stores can offer an experience that a website could never duplicate. However, while brick & mortar stores are the life force for customer engagement and offer that critical human touch, retailers must deliver an all-encompassing brand experience on the web as well.

There have been great technological advancements toward implementing these omni-channel strategies, at a fraction of the cost compared to 10 years ago. The cloud and the centralization of all data across channels is certainly one of those innovations.

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