Digital Transformation

Retailers want to get closer to their customers, and having physical stores is what makes that magic happen, more than purely digital can ever fulfill.  There are no boundaries between e-commerce and physical stores anymore, and the customer is in the center of everything and we must meet them, and satisfy them, wherever they are, digital to physical retail stores.

There is so much talk about digital transformation in retail, but at the core, it is about realigning the organization around the needs of your customers.  You are looking to deliver the very best experience for your customers, and understand the importance of making that experience smooth and easy across all touch-points in their journey with you. Whether on your e-commerce site, mobile app or in your stores, your customer’s brand experience is a direct reflection of who you are. It is what makes or breaks loyalty.

And as much as a memorable customer experience is critical, the store associate experience must be equally as smooth and easy. You may find that your store associates are burdened with too many manual tasks given the combination of digital (e-commerce) orders they need to fulfill from the store while servicing customers face to face. These are the demands of the new modern, hybrid, retail.

Anything that takes time away from that personalized customer experience, those face-to-face interactions, is a drain on revenues and undermines the value a physical store can bring. Now, more than ever, retail needs to be simplified in a complex world.

The core reason why retailers have struggled to deliver that smooth and easy customer, and store associate experience, is being on legacy systems that we have not designed for this new, hybrid digital, retail world. A world where customers expect speed, efficiency, and satisfaction.

It’s been difficult for retailers to find partners that understand the entire journey, both the digital and in-store retail as they are very different, yet they must be woven together into a seamless customer experience. That’s where we come in given our extensive experience as retailers, owners of digital agencies/System Integrators, and experts on the in-store experience – we bring an unparalleled degree of the full product and customer lifecycle expertise to the table.

The Bart Group Retail Solutions brings a unique expertise across the entire customer journey, from digital to physical. We have an expertise in creating a roadmap, a journey toward digital transformation with our clients.

We have deep expertise in E-Commerce platforms, in-store cloud technology. Most critical, we understand how to weave the digital/e-commerce customer journey down into the DNA of modern cloud store solutions. We provide store solutions that extend a smooth, engaging journey with Mobile POS, Clienteling, and effortless Omnichannel, to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

One of our key differentiators is that we’re a boutique, and we’re operators, which means we do the work, fully implement it after working with you to craft the strategy/vision. We also do this at a fraction of the cost of the larger agencies and consulting companies.

Ready to explore taking this journey with us?