Ransomware Isn’t Going to Wipe Your Business Out, But Mediocre Security Will

Small and midsize companies are a primary target for cybercriminals due to their lack of preparedness and resources to defend against ransomware attacks.

Unfortunately, the impact of a cyber attack can be difficult for most SMBs to overcome. That’s why 3 in 5 companies go out of business within 6 months of an attack. With ransomware fees reaching an all-time high at $220,298 and ransomware recovery costs surpassing $1.85M per incident—this is a problem that requires your attention NOW.

Your company can avoid becoming the next ransomware victim…

But only if you know how to prepare for these crippling attacks and have a plan to reduce your risk of a cybersecurity incident.

Shut Down Ransomware and Step Up Cybersecurity

In this step-by-step cybersecurity posture revamp, you’ll get full access to our Ransomware Prevention Pack, including a proven process to foil cyber criminals’ attempts to hold your systems hostage and steal your sensitive data. Plus, you’ll discover how to avoid the most common ransomware mistakes that lead to downtime and devastation. These are the same strategies used by dozens of companies that are slamming the door shut on cybercriminals.

The Ransomware Prevention Pack

A curated package of services that will take your company’s cybersecurity strategy from unsure to fully secure, and help you prevent ransomware attacks.

What’s Included?

Ransomware Vulnerability Test
Get peace of mind by knowing that you’re doing all the right things to address cybersecurity vulnerabilities and protect your business from ransomware.

1v1 Ransomware Coaching Session
Get the guidance you need to keep your data safe from ransomware and stop worrying about cyberattacks harming your business.

Ransomware Cost Calculator
Understand how much a ransomware attack will affect your business and what you and your employees can do about it to prevent an attack.

Ransomware Action Plan
Keep the data and systems that make your company successful safe and sound with a step-by-step plan on how to protect your attack surface.

We want to make the Ransomware Prevention Pack as accessible as possible to any company that wants to avoid the chaos of ransomware, but we can’t give away free services forever.

Schedule a call with us now and for a limited time, you’ll get the Ransomware Prevention Pack ($2,195 Value) with everything listed above at no cost to your business.

The next step is simple
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