order management system (OMS)

Order management is a component within Teamwork’s CHQ that assists in order fulfillment. Order management can be directly connected to your eCommerce site, which allows for online orders and sales orders to immediately appear once they are placed. Once the order is ready to be fulfilled, a “ship memo” can be created which will notify the store iPads to ship the order via POS app.

In OMS, there is management functionality that can be done such as editing the shipping address, creating cancelations,  changing fill & sell locations, creating PO’s and many other features.

When the order is ready to be shipped, the order packing slips can all be printed all the while the customer is receiving real-time notifications about their order. Our latest feature, Order Fill Logic allows the user to create automation rules which allows for order fulfillment to become even easier. An order can be pulled from eCommerce and be assigned to a location. The order can then check into the locations to see which location has the greatest quantity available, can check for “primary locations,” or the user can create a rule for orders to check specific locations in a custom sequence. Once the order can be fulfilled by a location, Order Fill Logic will automatically create a Ship Memo which then notifies the iPads to ship the order.

Shipping the order is done natively on the POS app. The order can be shipped, and tracking information can be entered which once the order is shipped, the order will be updated in OMS and then the customer will be updated.