Join The Luxury Specialty Retail Co-Op

Get The Same Low
Credit Card Processing
Rates As the Largest
Retail Chains And

Save Thousands!


The Luxury Specialty Retail Co-Op

When you become a member, you will receive the same “preferential rates” as a 1000 store chain…and there are no fees to join the Co-Op. These savings apply to Visa/Mastercard and even American Express.

It’s no secret that as a small to a mid-size luxury retailer your profits are being strangled by high processing fees. You are paying much higher fees than large enterprise retailers because when it comes to credit card processing fees, it’s all about your annual credit card volume.

For 25 years, we have been helping the largest enterprise retailers in the country to reduce their payment costs. We have done this by putting them on rate structures only available to the highest volume retailers.

By leveraging the collective volume of all our clients we now can deliver that same structure and savings to you, NO MATTER THE SIZE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

As a Luxury Specialty Retail Co-Op member, gone are all the markups, surcharges, and inflated fees.

Are you ready to unshackle your business from the sky-high credit card processing rates? Then let’s talk because it all starts with a conversation.

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